Non-Formal Education Centre – Association for Human Development was founded on 13th of October 2006. On 7th of February 2007 the Association was officially registered and entered into the National Court Register obtaining legal personality.





Members of the Association are mainly people with experience in both formal and non-formal education – teachers, educators, sociologists, enthusiasts of education through physical activities like “outdoor” and “adventure”, who seek more effective ways of working with children, youth and adults. We hope that now, when we are officially registered, our activities in the field of non-formal education will be even more efficient.


The Association regularly cooperates with organizations of similar profile from around the world. As a member of The European Institute of Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE) the Association receives great support from this organization for our actions in Poland.





The objectives of the Association are:


a) to promote all forms of non-formal education among different social groups and conducting active operations in this area;

b) improving the qualifications of persons interested in the activities in the field of non-formal education and creating proper attitudes in the leaders of non-formal groups;

c) to promote youth initiatives and projects;

d) to support various forms of young people social activity;

e) the popularization of ideas and forms of outdoor physical activity;

f) to develop skills of living and cohabitating in various social groups;

g) the development of socially useful traits and attitudes;

h) to promote the development of civil society;

i) to support people at risk of social exclusion;

j) to promote environmental attitudes;

k) to promote a healthy lifestyle.




The Association pursues its objectives by:

a) the establishing and active operation of the Centre of Non-Formal Education, situated in Czarnocin, in the commune of Stepnica;

b) cooperation and exchange of experience with organizations dealing with non-formal education in Poland and abroad;

c) promoting the most effective practices of non-formal education;

d) cooperation with research centers and initiating research in the field of formal education;

e) acting for the youth’s benefit;

f) developing and maintaining international contacts for the exchange of youth;

g) conducting information campaigns in various forms;

h) conducting adventure-learning classes with elements of adventure therapy;

i) creating experimental educational programs;

j) the organization of workshops, training courses and conferences;

k) active participation in social life, with particular emphasis on cooperation with the local community;

l) to carry out printing and publishing business.