The School of Active Recreation FRAJDA invites children and teenagers for the summer camps. The main criterion we use in conducting our programs is children’s age and their hobbies as this factor matters most in the process of successful education. Our programs are in accordance with young people’s developmental needs, basing on their natural urge to learn, to meet people and to be active.


We offer:

1. Camps for the youngest kids (7-11 years old)

-  younger group 7-9 years old

-  older group 10-11 years old


Program for the youngest kids is based on playing activities. During a summer camp, which takes 13 days, children collect ‘skills’. All of the skills have their own graphic symbol. Children learn cooperation, creative thinking, they touch and experience things which were previously known to them only from the television, computer games or the Internet.  We have for example ‘cyclist skill’, when kids pass a bike course or ‘commando skill’, when they get to know how to climb up a wall and hide in the forest.  Now we have over 20 skills embracing different abilities and every day life knowledge. Children can cook simple dishes by themselves, use a wood chisel, recognize trails of footprints of animals. Colorful and funny graphic symbols of the skills motivate children to play.


2. Camps for young sailors (9-12 years old)

Sailing camp is for everyone who wants to feel the wind and learn how to sail their own boat. The main idea of our sailing group is to feel the sailing atmosphere, learn basic skills and to have fun! During our summer camps we try to make our children form a crew – because a crew is more than a group! Our activities create possibilities to take decisions, be brave, respect the nature and help the other people – simply, kids learn how to be a real sailor. Our passionate instructors take care of children and their practical knowledge teaching them how to not be scared of the wind and water…


3. Dance camps (9-11 years old, 12-15 years old)


These are workshops for young people interested in dance. The main aim of the dance camps is to familiarize campers with dance showing them multiplicity of styles. We start from basic rythms as an invitation to the world of dance. We learn steps of modern dance (funky, hip-hop) and connect them into the simple choreographies. We also get to know some elements of classical dance. Additional attraction for children is introducing basics of shadow theater, which helps them develop conscious moves. We provide all the equipment needed during dance activities for our campers. We use also different kinds of  costumes, dance bags and mirrors. Each camp ends with a funny dancing show!


4. Windsurfing training camps (11-17 years old)

Windsurfing training camps are managed by instructors licensed by Witold Stupnicki Windsurfing School on behalf of Polish Yachting Association.  Instructors on the water are Paweł Błaszczak and Piotr Błaszczak.


Activities with instructors take place twice a day, in groups of maximum 10 children. All equipment is selected according to the weather forecast and wind strength, stage of training and the physical conditions of the participants. We use equipment  of the best producers such as Ezzy Sails, Naish, Exocet or HighFly. Instructors can choose the equipment for participants: sails from 1,5 m² to 7,5 m², which gives them a chance to teach kids, teenagers and adults.  Our participants are provided with the whole range of equipment: sails, boards, harnesses, wet suits,  life jackets. The only thing that participants have to bring on their own is water shoes.


Windsurfing program is complemented by many sport and cultural attractions.  We use different forms of non-formal and outdoor education.  We shape skills such as: cooperation and communication in a group, courage,  ability to take initiative in the group, ability to take decisions, creative way of thinking. We conduct also many interesting team-building games. And even we build a bonfire and spend a night in tents on the beach!


5. Horse-riding camps (9-16 years old)

Children and young people who would like to learn how to ride a horse are invited to horse-riding camps! On the back of quiet Hucul horses they have the best conditions to learn! Hucul horses are not high (up to 140 cm at the withers), very quiet and balanced. They are also intelligent and brave in the field, which makes them ideal for horse-riding lessons.

OUR HORSES stay on pasture all year round, so they are healthy and willing to cooperate with humans.


We offer training groups according to the level of the participants. Classes with an instructor are held at least one hour daily or – for beginners – twice a day for 25 minutes.


Practical classes include:

• outdoor riding on the lunge and off-road riding

• individual and group riding for beginners and advanced riders, in the saddle and bareback

• riding the horse into the water

• cleaning, saddling

• care, feeding, watering, walking the horses to pasture

• learning to move safely in the stable in the presence of horses




Also in the program of each camp:

• Fun in the canoes on the shallow water

• Sailing Trip

• Bicycle tours around the area

• open-air bonfire and a chance to eat self-roasted sausages

• Evenings by the fireplace with the guitar

• Karaoke

• Movie nights almost as in the cinema

• Disco parties …

The weather and bad weather, will never bored!